Catching Up

Oh, it’s been more than half a year since the last post! I figured, if there’s someone still following my blog, they deserve this post.

So what’s up with us:

  • Max quickly becomes a fully formed man with the character, good dictionary and is already capable of building 3 or 4-word sentences.

  • a couple of months ago we finally found a place of our own – a gorgeous 3 bedroom apartment with a spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen and great location in relation to our families

  • I’m working on three exciting projects for clients involving video and photo processing, native clients for Android and iOS, paid subscriptions with PayPal, and a ton of other curious technological advances

  • … as well as taking two online Stanford classes on building a startup and finances

  • Kate’s hoping to resurrect her hand made bags business one day

  • We finally relaxed a bit and stopped saving money for anything big. It cut us some slack and gave well-deserved peace of mind

  • Another winter season is coming and I’m anticipating lots of snowboarding, travelling and fun guiding Max through his second winter

  • A couple of days ago I ran across the announcement of Ableton Live 9 and Push that are due this coming winter. Immediately started dreaming of resuming my musical workings. I’m mulling over many enjoyable ideas to put on musical canvas eventually, so more stuff to come soon

That’s about all I have for you, fellas. I’m hoping to write more often, but hey, I hope it each time.

Until next time!