The Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the HTML5 Mobile Pro desktop edition the guys were doing a poor job with. Today I’d like to show what I consider a really good product.

I’m a big fan of everything that’s even remotely connected with Ruby. The language turned my world upside down and gave me my present life full of freedom, fun and amazing opportunities. That’s why when one of the guys I know pointed out that Peter Cooper is working on The Ruby 1.9 walkthrough, I (a bit skeptically) went to look around. Our ways didn’t cross too often, but he curated one of the rounds on Ruby Challenge and runs Ruby Inside, so he felt authoritative enough for the job.

It turned out to be right.

The material is all top notch, carefully selected and organised in sections. Everything is illustrated either in TextMate or in a specially crafted console that runs the same code on different versions of Ruby and shows the output side-to-side so you could see the difference. Most importantly, he doesn’t sound like a 15-year old with speech impediment. All is professionally compiled, produced and gift-wrapped.

Now the funniest part is that all this 3-hour long beauty and sheer pleasure was only $16 at the time of purchase. It’s slightly more than that now, but it’s still worth every single penny. There are several things he does right (and I’m saying this from the customer perspective, not some marketing folk):

  • There’s a demo (short enough to tease, and long enough to get a feel)
  • The price doesn’t feel outrageously high, but just right to feel the value
  • There’s the table of contents so you can assess what’s for you before purchase
  • He offers a full money back guarantee

All of this contributes to my confidence as a buyer. I am happy to give him money and get something that I already know how it looks and feels. Most importantly, it doesn’t sound like a rip off.

I recommend it highly to anyone who’s working with Ruby professionally. You’ll feel so much smarter after finishing the “course”.