Filling the Gap

Today during a long walk with son I had time to think what is it that’s missing that I can’t make a profitable product (or to put it precisely, to make a product profitable). I have plenty of ideas for tools and services, but no matter how I try to make the product nice and usable, it’s usually not enough to attract users. What I think is missing is even basic “marketing” and “customer development” education.

I’m a hardcore technology geek who can create things, but have no idea how to promote, market and sell them. That’s sad. Whole last year I dedicated to working on user experience of products and services to make them usable, not just functional. Now it seems to be a good idea to switch focus to my newly discovered underdeveloped skill.

One resource that looks specifically helpful is Mixergy. Before subscribing I watched several free interviews and the amount of useful data was just overwhelming. If you happen to know any other master-classes and courses on the subject (promotion, marketing, ads, interviewing, surveys, customer development, networking etc) drop me a line (in comments or personal). I will appreciate it greatly.

Ok, back to viewing and note taking!