We Require...

I have just been contacted with a job offer through a respectable web site that read like this.

We require a high-skilled RoR developer who can help us with our … site, which is under construction now. You will be working with one more developer, but most of your work will be independent. You should be able to quickly learn and understand existing code, suggest improvements, add new features and functionality. We work in short iterations and all your tasks will be listed in Pivotal Tracker, so you should be able to take an assigned story using this service. You will get very clear and very detailed specifications for all functions and we will be available for questions whenever you have them (you should feel free to ask us in English, Ukrainian or German). Besides, you should be able to deliver code in an efficient and high-quality manner to our production server.

If you are interested, please, send us only relevant samples of your work. We would like to see Rails applications that you have built, especially code samples where we can see the quality of Code, written by you. If you want to send us applications developed by you in collaboration with other programmers, tell us about your participation in this project and part of work done personally by you.

Are you already itching to join their team? You should… you should… you should…, send us…, tell us. Now, how about you tell me what is so exciting about your product that I need to drop everything I have on the table and join your “one more” developer on this quest? A challenge, a relocation, heck, if it’s just money I would love to know that. If you are looking for someone having hard time to find anything to get them busy with and feeling it’s an exciting offer, you have missed the door. Highly skilled people don’t look for work as desperately as you could have imagined. I think I’ll pass on this one, no matter how appealing taking an assigned Pivotal story sounds.

To top things, there were neither a greeting, nor a signature. How embarrassing is that?