Backing Up: Introduction

It’s not a secret the most valuable asset of any application is its data and you have to protect it at all costs. In the following series of posts I would like to share several strategies I’ve come across over the years.

Backup Ruby gem. Not to waste much time on theory, in this post I would like to run through the real scenario of backing up a snapshot of directories and the database snapshot to Amazon S3. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t into Ruby. Ruby is currently on almost every Unix box by default, so you could start using the gem straight away.

Incremental backup with RSync will show you how to quickly sync your local data to a different location (Dropbox folder or external drive, for example). Nothing out of ordinary, but has its uses, as well as serving a nice introduction to more curious stuff.

Theory of backups rotation will talk about rotating your backups with minimum disk usage, while maintaining completeness. Sorry Windows users, it’s Unix-specific.

Amazon EBS snapshots concludes the series of posts with a very practical scenario that you could apply today if you are an Amazon EC2 user.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!