Going Home

We decided to head back home next month. Yeah, just like that.

It was a life-changing journey to Australia that we enjoyed greatly and that gave us so many insights and new angles that we couldn’t possibly have otherwise. Our decision is based on that living here doesn’t align with our personal plans very well. We figured that more than everything we love our families and immensely value their support network.

The other reason is that even though the life is more structured here, the financial well-being is way harder to achieve. Technically speaking, we had a serious downgrade on multiple fronts, and figured all the trouble of settling in a new world is not worth it. Don’t take me wrong, Australia is amazing. It’s that in our particular case we have some better options.

We have our tickets and depart on June 24. Now comes the time of selling our newly purchased stuff – furniture, kitchen and laundry equipment, the car. I will be posting listings shortly. Drop me a line if you are interested in seeing what’s on offer.

Wish us luck!