Design Thoughts: Blank Slates

Here’s an interesting article by 37Signals on blank slates. For those, who doesn’t know, blank slates are the pages you see in web applications when there’s nothing to display yet – no blog posts or projects or anything else to list on the page. This is an important concept as you don’t want the user to stare at the empty screen. These pages are used to provide guidance and give advice on how to proceed.

It was a great reminder to me, as a web developer. Moreover the speculations behind all this were also very insightful; especially the part when you have to give an impression that it’s all very simple. One thing I didn’t like about the final design though, is the unfinished look of the page – a gray background with some text, an icon and a button. I understand that simplicity is a key, but in this case it looks over-simplistic to the point when it verges on ugliness unprettiness.

In any case, it’s a very good read and highly recommended. Enjoy!