What's Up

You might have been wondering what’s going on with that settler Aleks and his wife Kate. Well, a lot.

A week ago our friends showed us the oceanic surf beach where we spent a lovely Saturday. My boogie board and I didn’t get out of water for at least 4 hours. Later, two and a half friends joined us and we all enjoyed a lovely conversation with a mellon, grapes and fresh pine-apple (that I cut right there on the beach). Wonderful day. If you wonder, the beach was Gunnamatta (Photos, Forecast).

Last month I was busy looking for a team to join locally, but haven’t found anything suitable yet. Some offices are inconveniently far and some looking for people with different skills (mainly Java which I don’t want to touch as a little kid who ate candy before dinner; my dinner is spoiled by Ruby).┬áSo I decided to take a break and keep my independent contractor chair warm for a little longer. These days however, I focus more on contributing to OSS and working with different projects just for the benefit of all Earthlings. During the last week I contributed a patch to Cucumber, worked days a nights on adapting Cucumber Rails generators to Rails 3, added a nice feature to pass custom tags into assets URL and path to Thoughtbot’s Paperclip, created and deployed Family Hut application for photo-sharing and discussions inside the family (yes, I know about Picasa, Flickr and alike which come all with their downsides; mainly in the form of pricing pages). As you can see, it was a very fun week and my life hasn’t stopped here at all. Quite to the contrary, I’m building up steam.

Also, I was thinking of starting another blog for purely coding topics on a different engine. Current best candidate is Enki but I haven’t reviewed it thoroughly enough. My main concerns with Wordpress are that (a) I still can’t make it show the source code beautifully, (b) I get a lot of spam, (c) I’m tired of PHP and (d) tired of WYSIWYG / plain HTML editor (where’s Textile or Markdown?).

That’s all, folks. If you have any comments / questions, welcome. I’ll let you know if I deploy another blog.