Updates on December 27

Christmas and Boxing Day went just fine. Yesterday we moved to our new house and purchased a ton of kitchen stuff (toaster, kettle, tableware …). Today new round is coming. We still need some essential furniture – a couple of bar stools, living room sofa, TV set table and a coffee table, folding chairs and a table for our veranda – don’t get me started.

On Thursday, we found a very nice place with quality and still affordable furniture (Snooze). Not only did we ordered a bed with all linen, but also the bedsides, a tallboy and a couple of stylish bedside lamps. Unfortunately they were able to deliver it in a week because of all the holidays, but after my explaining our situation with the move the manager generously offered a new queen-size luxury aerobed as a temporary solution free of charge. Now how’s that!?

In the house, we discovered that the window blinds aren’t yet installed. It’s Sunday today, so I’ll talk to our agent tomorrow. Here they fill the Condition Report on moving in to document all scratches, stains etc. If the condition is worse when we move out, the price of patching is subtracted from the bond (that’s usually one month’s payment being held by a third party).

Finally, we’ll start looking for a car next week. Originally we wanted something old and inexpensive, but slowly leaning towards newer models 2-3 year old or even brand new. Toyota Yaris 5-door hatchback, Mitsubishi Colt, Nissan Pulsar 5-door hatchback just to name a few. We need a compact (but not squashed), economical car for short-to-average distance trips. Since there’s no one around who could help inspecting older models, we aren’t sure we want to take risks purchasing them. Still considering options though …

OK folks, this is all news I had this morning. See you all soon!