First House

Just got the approval and signed all documents today to move into this great new house in Carrum, Melbourne. It’s 1 hour away (on Metro) from the City, but it doesn’t really matter since we don’t need to commute there regularly.

Inside - First floor

Inside the main living room. To the right is the dinning area, and right ahead is a fully equipped kitchen. Further into the house, is the master bedroom with the wardrobe and bathroom. The bathroom is a gem on its own with a shower cabin with spa (feet and body), radio and phone. No excuse for not taking that call, hah.

Upstairs is the guests room / study (deeper into the house) with the same bathroom and a free area for a dressing room or anything else. Above the kitchen is a retreat with a cool roof window. Not sure how to use this space yet, but will find it a good application.


That’s the outside view. Behind the back is the stylish steel fence with the door opened remotely and a video-phone. In the far left corner is the storage building and a gray water 2000 liter tank for toilets flushing.

The house is quipped with 4 split systems for greater comfort and energy saving (no need to make all the open spaces warm if you need just bedroom now). The only thing is that it comes unfurnished, so everything that you see in the pictures isn’t there today. We’ve purchased a decent bed with all bells and whistles today and plan some further shopping tomorrow. Hope to get nice fridge, washing machine, living room sofa and table etc. Plenty of expenses!

Oh yes, and it’s all 5 minutes away from the beautiful white sand beach. ;)