Moving Progress Update

It looks like a great time for some updates. All looks good so far. We spend almost all our time at driving school. Answering a reasonable question why on Earth would we need Ukrainian driving licenses if we move to Australia, it is somewhat complicated, but long story short, it would give us serious benefits on the other side of the pond. Instead of walking the license acquisition road from the Learner permit to the Full permit through years of probation, we cut a couple of corners and get through much faster. Final tests are scheduled on December 3, so we have plenty of time to become professional drivers.

By the way, we already have our plane tickets. On December 12 we fly to Moscow to stay there through the night at our friends’ and continue our journey the next day. From Moscow we fly to Abu-Dhabi on December 13 and then to Melbourne – our final destination. The journey takes about 30 hours, which is our personal record so far. :)

In Melbourne we plan to stay at Formule 1 Hotel on (97-103 Elizabeth Street). Just today Kate’s booked 12 days there online for a very reasonable price given the location - CBD - and room configuration.

There’s plenty of work to do ahead in Melbourne, but we hope to find a nice apartment relatively fast and move there within those two weeks. Our vacation will last for a couple of months. We plan to spend it exploring the area and making ourselves comfortable with our new Home.