Visa Progress Update

It’s time for another update on our Australian Visa progress. It’s been a long way and we managed to pass through the last phase after which we just have to passively wait for the final verdict.

As you know from my previous post, we had our medical examinations and police clearance pending. Police clearance for both of us was ready last Friday without any hitches, while medical exams that we scheduled on September 1 were quite a trip.

To start with, Kate got sick 3 weeks before the tests, swallowed antibiotics, yogurts, and a ton of other pills days after days for a week and a half. Now can you imagine that right after she recovered, I got started with the same thing, and that’s a week and a half away from final tests that we can’t reschedule. (28 short days for everything.) I started on heavier antibiotics and cured myself, but killed my microflora which turned my tongue acid yellow by heavy dysbacteriosis. No way a doctor could say I’m in good shape should I open my mouth. But that was far from the only problem as it appeared.

We booked the checks for 11:45 AM in Kiev, and had to fly there on the first plane from Simferopol at 7:15 AM. To make that happen, we needed to get up at 2 AM and head out at 4 AM. Thanks to Kate’s parents, who picked us and drove to the airport, we made it in time, yet only to find our flight delayed until 10:40 AM. That’s three and a half hours, for Christ sakes! It meant we are going to miss all the fun and there’s nothing else we can do. Air company refused to look for any options and said that the only way is to wait.

Kate negotiated with the medical center and managed to carve out 45 minutes more, and thanks to the taxi driver, who stayed in the 130 km/hr lane all the way from the airport to the city center, we made it there in time and took all the necessary tests in the next 3 hours. All checks were impressively thorough and now it’s clear why it’s the only authorized center in the whole country that is trusted by Australian, American and Canadian immigration offices. It’s well equipped and top notch in every respect.

So, we passed the tests almost perfectly. There were slight deviations from the norm I guess. My blood tests and some Kate’s tests were still pending when we left. They promised to call should there be something wrong, but no one ever came back to us, so we happily assume it’s all chocolate.

Now we have to wait again. The results will be forwarded to the Health Operations Centre (Sydney) for the review. They will contact our officer to let him make the final decision. I personally don’t see a single reason why wouldn’t they grant a visa, but let’s wait and see. There’s no fixed time frame for this phase, but usually it takes 7 to 40 days. In the meantime the work is boiling around us, so we aren’t bored.