Skilled Employment Check Is History

Yesterday was huge. One of the checks our immigration officer needs to perform (the most important and decisive) is the skilled employment check. They need to know if I really was employed as I claim during the period of two years right before the application date. To prove that I was given a choice to provide contracts and agreements, pay slips, bank statements, or any other documentation that conforms my paid full-time employment.

Thanks to Pito and Kate we managed to collect in one (!) day just enough evidence to prove that I had skilled paid employment during the period and finalize the check. Thanks guys!

Today I’m getting my military training certificate back from the translations office, filling the form 80 and sending it all over to my case officer. Right after that, the only thing we need to do is to pass our medical examinations in Kiev. Which is tough actually, since Kate is not in her best shape right now. We are delaying the checks for one and a half weeks to let her recover.