Why River of News Is Bad for Me

If you aren’t familiar with the “river of news” concept, it’s quite a simple thing. Imagine that you are subscribed to several feeds. Now some feed readers let you read them all in the mix by choosing the folder they all sit in or in some other way. It’s convenient in a way that you don’t need to switch between individual feeds, but it’s also flawed.

When reading the “river” I never pay attention to what feed a particular article comes from. Why would I, right? Wrong. Over time I start to realize that I skip over many articles either because the titles don’t grab my attention, they don’t have pictures or uninteresting in any other way. Which of the feeds I don’t need any more on my list? There’s no other way to tell than get back into the history of read articles and try to find out. I have more than 30 Cocoa blogs on my list, so what do I need to clean up?

The answer to me is to get familiar with each individual blog content and the author. River of news doesn’t help me with this and makes it even worse. Daily, I can see the unread counter rolling up, but subconsciously I know it’s going to be looking for needles again. Bad attitude, spoiled reading.