Knees... Fixed

I’ve been playing streetball for more than 17 years now and, no question, hard surfaces started to take a toll on my knees. They began to creak last year during the city championship and, shortly afterwards, falling out of sockets. The pain is terrible. All this beauty rendered me basketball-useless for quite some time. Doctors suggested to calm down a bit and leave active sport; and I couldn’t believe all is that bad.

Early this week a physician I know suggested a simple set of exercises to strengthen knees. A really simple one that takes only 25 minutes. So I did two of these with a little break each evening when watching NBA Playoffs, and you know what? Pain goes away. I still can’t believe I suffered so long and all I really needed is to strengthen my knees a bit.

I know there will be a long recovery period during which the remaining pain echos will fade away and I’ll get back on courts at full speed, but hey… it’s a start, and instead of a wheelchair I’m now shooting jumpers for an hour almost everyday in my recreational training.

The set is really simple:

  • Sit on the floor, back to the wall – make a letter “L”
  • Put a rolled towel under your knees to keep them bent a bit
  • Now slowly strain your knee muscles (but keep your knees motionless) and keep it that way for at least 30 seconds
  • Relax muscles and rest for a few seconds
  • Repeat the set of straining and rest 25 times

I chose the 45-15 scheme for myself that is easy to count and takes exactly 25 minutes (~1.5 quarters of a game; so I can do 2 sets during one game).

Many thanks to Dmitry Skuridin (Sevastopol, Ukraine) for getting me back on courts!