NR Time 1.2

Just released an update to NR Time with some really cool enhancements.

New in version 1.2:

  • Preference to switch the time display format (‘2:06’ or ‘2.1’). It allows you to see your times either in billing- or human-friendly format.
  • Preference to show all / active tasks total in the status bar. Lets you control whether in the status bar you see the total time spent on all tasks or only those that are active at the moment.
  • Automatic updates. Checks for updates periodically and shows the message when a new version is available. It can be configured with different periods or disabled to let you check for update manually.
  • Manual entry of time as ‘H:MM’ in addition to ‘H.hh’. To complement the human-readable time view, this feature lets you enter time in the common format.

NR Time