NR Time for Mac OS X 10.5

It’s an awesome day, really. I just released my first product for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – NR Time – and it’s available for trial downloads and license purchases of course.

NR Time

NR Time is a tool that makes your time logging completely transparent. Period.

As a freelancer, I always needed a tool that could tell me precisely how much time did I spend working for one client or on one task and what was it for another. If nothing else, the earnings depend on this and having no convenient tool meant that I was stuck with the paper notepad where I recorded the beginning and ending times for every task.

If you ever did that, you can imagine what kind of headache coffee breaks are. You need to record the time when you go out, and then remember to jot the time of return. Finally, the calculation time comes when at the end of the day you juggle with numbers to figure what it was that you spent working today. It gives me creeps every time I think how I lived all these years.

So what does NR Time do for you, briefly:

  • Let’s you enter as many tasks as you like
  • Let’s you start and stop any number of them at the same time
  • Updates the time for each task in real time and shows it in tenths of hour (1.1 stands for 1 hour 6 minutes and is easier to operate with hourly rate)
  • Updates the total for all tasks and displays it in the status area in hours (1:06)
  • Let’s you pause all running tasks by clicking on the notification area icon and resume with the same gesture
  • Gives you an intuitive keyboard controls over the tasks
    • ⌅ - to enter / exit the task name edit more
    • 0-9, “.” - to start entering the time spent manually
    • SPACE - to toggle activity flag
    • ⌘ + N / ⌫ - to add / remove selected tasks

The trial version is fully functional for 15 days. If you find it useful, consider purchasing a license for only $10 (details on the product home page).

NR Time

Give it a spin! It’s a very simple application solving a very simple task, but it saved me lots of silver hair. Hopefully, you will find it useful.