Typography Numerology

Recently I was working on the design of the page for my new product – Time Tracker for Mac – which is to be deployed soon, by the way. I’m by no means a professional web designer, but like to fiddle with colors, layout and font faces. At least no one can fire me when I do it to my own sites.

Scanning through my web-design blogs for an inspiration, I stumbled upon a couple of interesting places. Both are dedicated to typography, but where the typography is good, everything else thrives. So get your notebooks and start taking notes.


80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design

It seems I spent my entire life wandering around that page. The amount of information is simply overwhelming. If you ever make it to the comments section, leave a quick note there. The author will be pleased to know. Yes, I’m sure. Scanning through the comments, I noticed that many disagree with the selection and claim not enough scripts, sans, whatever. People, if this list to contain every font family everyone found useful during their important designer carrier that would bump the counter to 1,363,203 beautiful fonts and you probably won’t expect it to be for professional design either. So calm down and let it go.


20 Websites with Beautiful Typography

A great collection of great looking sites with short comments. Lots of inspiration, so you may want to use your tea spoon here not to grab too much at a time. I found it immensely useful… and the site too.

P.S. Hey Pito, did you like that Puppia business card layout (20 websites with beautiful typography #17)? We did… very much. :)