Low-fat Twitter, Blogs and No-list

Habitually, in a new year I expect big changes. People like changes, don’t they?

Today I started my own changes with removing 90% of people I follow on Twitter. I noticed that it has really no value to me to read “went off the grid” or “what a nice couple of toasts I had this morning”, but wastes precious time. Yes, I speculated on this before, so not really going to expand on this.

Removed the blogs I don’t read or don’t pay too much attention to, especially high-traffic ones. This one is quite obvious – why spend time reading something you don’t appreciate.

Made a list of things I don’t need: iPhone, iPod Touch, hardware synthesizers, new vinyl records, new books and movies, new tv series, a car (don’t have one and don’t need one), coffee. These are things over which I had an internal discussion every now and then. Now I don’t and it’s a good thing as it removed just another thing to worry.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of changes I’m planning…