Composer Workbench Defaults

by dmmaus

The more I think of my music creation process, the more frequently I return to the thought that the most productive environment is when you have all your tools and samples strictly limited. By this I mean that the process of putting the tune together should be simple and constrained at the same time.

Simplicity comes from the notion of having many aspects of the environment standardized to a reasonable extent. One example is having the blank Ableton Live environment versus having some meaningful template with a customized drum-kit and favorite synths loaded, effect channels pre-configured etc – just like when you are dealing with the hardware synths and music creation stations – everything is in the memory of the device and is easily accessible.

This take is pretty constrained as you can see, but not insanely. You can go from the default setup anywhere you want, still you will know that synth patch #45 goes well with the kick on C-3 from your default drum-kit. This is supposed to ease the pain of looking for the right combination of sounds while keeping your new motive in mind in the effort not to let it slip away. The latest versions of Ableton Live let us do many wonderful things with racks and drum tracks.

A little clip for your listening pleasure. Hope it’ll become a tradition in the coming year.

P9 - Mix 2 by alg