AU Immigration Slowed Down

According to the latest reports from ASPC (Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre), we are stuck. Period.

Back in July 2007, there was a regulations change looming on the horizon. The changes that raised the threshold to sift through the stream of newcomers to the country. They raised the minimum required level of language skills and did some other changes which all together pushed the procrastinating masses to finally getting with their spirits and submitting applications while they still have a chance. As the result, the processing center was buried under the mile-high layer of paper.

Today all rescue forces in the country are mobilized for digging the staff out. While the works are still in progress, the crew handles the paperwork heroically, reporting their progress currently at August 3, 2007. Last week they were doing August 2 and the week before it was August 1. Given the steady tempo, there’s approximately 30 weeks (half a year?) ahead to finish the August, but then I doubt people stopped sending their papers in September even if they no longer were a match. So stupid hoping some human beings are.

It sounds like there’s still a long wait to go…