Twitter Annoyances

Some people on Twitter think that it’s a great publicity tool and they are right.

10 seconds ago I unsubscribed from someone who texted constantly. I mean ALL THE TIME. I could get 2 new messages an hour and if I’m lucky enough, there will be up to 5. He is an experimental electronic music producer and it used to be fun to monitor his progress until he realized that sending “Released new album [link]” ten times in a row in different forms is good for karma. After that I could no longer stand it.

Another edge case is excessive granularity. What people don’t realize is that even keeping all democracy and freedom of speech in mind, Twitter is probably not the place to post “making a cup of coffee”, “drinking coffee”, “ah that’s nice”, “finished coffee, cleaning the cup” type of messages. That’s stupid and only obsessive followers can stand it.

Finally, how on earth people can follow more than 10-20 twitters? Reading must be a day job for someone the one below:

I have (well, had) one buzzing person on my list and it was enough to distract me from whatever I do all day long and this user has 2K. That’s IN-SA-NE!