LinkedIn Is Where Google Ads Live Now

LinkedInHaven’t been to there (LinkedIn) for a while, so decided to update the profile and invite a couple of new contacts to my network. Was unpleasantly surprised by the number of distracting functions around what used to be a very nice and polished professional social network. Google ads are literally everywhere and annoyed me to the degree where I had to install AdBlock Plus to get rid of all that beauty.

Next, as I understand Applications have to bring value, but apparently most of them are quite useless. The LinkedIn Applications concept seems to play the first fiddle – you see the mention of them twice on each square inch of the screen place. I tried to ignore them for a quite some time and then gave up only to find there’s no option to disable them altogether on the settings screens. Ouch.

Can’t say it’s all that awful, but hey, it’s got an ill trend of ad-monetizing and poluting the interface with secondary functions that probably most people won’t find as important. Not everyone spend whole day in LinkedIn working on their profile and making sure their Wordpress blog posts are displayed nicely. Normal people have some work to do, and if some tool stands in a way or simply annoys, it’s likely to be abandoned.

Let’s see where it gets with all that.