Self-modeling When Learning a Language

Recently I’ve been thinking, when we learn a language (those who never tried, stop reading :) ), we pick up constructions and turns of phrases from native speakers. Usually, we choose someone we like and model ourselves after them in speech. I find that frequently do I use constructions that do have equivalents in my native language, yet that I would never use, like “no-no-no, …” which I can easily shoot in English, but would never utter in Russian.

Is that a personality switch? Is that an OPPORTUNITY to change (for the better)?

It’s curious, but when I wrote that, it gave me that feeling of vast opportunities you get on a fresh start. It literally gives you a chance to start from scratch since what we say is almost everything that people use to make an impression of us. It’s a chance to defeat your bad habits and migrate them later to your other personality. Meta-physical…