Funny Spam

A minute ago I got this spam letter with the list of vacancies:  

- ГЛАВНЫЙ БУХГАЛТЕР, з/пл от 60 000 руб. в месяц;
- БУХГАЛТЕР, з/пл от 35 000 руб. в месяц;
- СЕКРЕТАРЬ, з/пл от 24000 рублей в месяц;
- ПРОГРАММИСТ 1С, з/пл. высокая;
- КУРЬЕР, з/пл от 17000 рублей в месяц;

It translates:

Information about available positions:
- Chief accountant, salary from 60000 rubles / mo
- Accountant, salary from 35000 rubles / mo
- Secretary, salary from 24000 rubles / mo
- Programmer 1C*, salary is high
- Courier, salary from 17000 rubles / mo

* 1C is a very popular software tool for accountants and managers that is flexible enough to have a dedicated course in local universities and a position in organizations.

How many funny moments can you count?