Pito Salas on Blogs and Web Sites

Recently Pito Salas of BlogBridge started a great new series of educational posts on Squidoo. These are intended to bridge the gap between geeky techies chirping with their awful terms, like ‘blogs’, ‘feeds’, ‘rss’ or even scarier stuff, like ‘aggregator’, and simple working bees surfing around.

Check his ”The difference between a web site and a blog” to learn how different blogs and regular sites are, what they have in common and why it is important not to confuse them one for another. It’s all very simple, but there’s no doubt, you will be proud of yourself when finished reading as these little details are what makes people stand out.

The second article ”What are the best news blogs?” is focused mainly on acquiring new blogs for your reading pleasure. It answers important questions: “where to look for blogs”, and “whose opinion matters” when looking for new sources.

Have fun, and don’t forget to bookmark these or Digg if you feel they helped you. Here are the Digg links for your quick reference: