Twitter: Useful or Not?

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to Twitter, registered, but then… I don’t get the idea. To me, saving every minute and organizing my entire life to make more room for personal stuff, this is an ordinary waste of time. I guess, I’m too practical for this and share the opinion of David Peralty up to the last word. However, I know thousands of teenagers would love it from first sight if they knew it was there. They always look for some chat boards, forums, and IMs to kill time.

Check out this post from Blogging Pro:

I just joined Twitter about an hour or two ago (my twitter), and my second impression is that it’s slow moving. I can get a whole blog post or two done before Twitter updates a preference or posts a message. My first impression, before I even signed up was “this is rediculous!”

I really don’t get Twitter. To me, it is like updating my instant messenger status information on Google Talk and whatnot, something I forget to do regularly, leaving my friends to wonder, “why has David been sleeping for four days now?”

(from: Twitter: Useful or Not?)