Links for the Day

More and more ’links for xx-yy-zzzz’ posts I see each day in my favorite blogs. I don’t know how you like it but it bugs me. I know where the legs grow from and it’s very convenient way for a publisher to share intersting places he just found, but …

To my mind it’s way too impersonal. When you post a link to you don’t really bother explaining what’s really cool about it. You just drop a sentence or two about the contents and move on. This convenience smells badly, and, in my opinion, quickly leads to the miraculous transformation of good quality into large quantity. You no longer analyze the reasons of why the place looks appealing or grabs your attention; you just pick it up and post like crazy.

The other perspective on this is that it feels like an author doesn’t know what to post and submits daily link list in order to fill the gap between really thoughtful articles. I know, lots of my readers are friends of mine and some of them do post links this way. Look, I’m just describing how I feel about this and it’s not necessarily how everybody does. Don’t take it as offense. It really has nothing personal …

I hate to tell this, but I’m already thinking of a filter to mark all posts starting with ’links for’ as read and hide them altogether. It’s not a protest. I just don’t think I have enough time if you don’t have it for better organization and providing own insights. If I needed links, I could subscribe to your account directly or sit and read Digg all day long.

Do I miss some important point? Maybe there’s some special value I don’t see?

Opinions are surely welcome in comments. Sorry if I sounded rude to you.