Writing Revising

Recently I’ve been working on improving my writing skills: reading articles, books and recommendations from all over the web. It’s essential for me to be able to communicate the ideas freely in a written form as writing is the only pipe between me and most of my friends. Apart of it, I simply like to write and doing it in a right and easy way brings much more excitement than desperate attempts to put thoughts into order. But this is a whole different story…

Today I stumbled across the Hints for Revising by Brian Marick which are a good collection of advices on how to make your writing clear, well-structured and deeply pleasurable. I suggest running through this article briefly even if you aren’t going to become the next Shakespear. Personally, I found several interesting tips and got the proof of that my post-writing reading technique works and works pretty well on behalf of the greatest minds out there. Oh, and I’m not the author of it of course. It’s just that I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere before, but regularily used it to revise my own creations.