I have just been watching an interesting TV program about robots we have today, their intelligence, outlook etc. Quite thought provoking. It may appear disconnected, but what I started to think about after it was how do we think in general.

Everybody knows that we barely use 10% of our mind potential. Basically, it means that either our decision making is slow or the quality of the decisions leaves the room to wish more. Here’s the connection… Did you notice how you think? When we think, well I do it this way at least, we talk to ourselves in our minds. When we read, most of us does the same. It appears that the speed of reading and thinking is artificially limited by the speed of our speech. It gets us to some several interesting conclusions:

A. If we had no speech, we could either think faster or couldn’t think at all.

B. We feel comfortable in our environment because other speakers think at the same speed with us. The one doing it faster is “the genius”, the one slower – you know.

In my opinion, one possible way for improvement could be cutting our mind off the physical abilities. But how the hell we would learn the result of some computation if we didn’t say it loud in the mind? I suspect, that it’s the place where our intuition connects to our thinking.

Intuition is something that is used to foresee the future, and silent thinking, as I call it, to process the facts. Both work silently and emit thoughts and conclusions we could use. Hope the chain of conclusions isn’t broken somewhere.

One other random thought: what if what we call “reaction” is something that’s connected too? What if in the critical situations we manage to make decisions without doubling them in speech what makes our movements faster yet still well-coordinated?

Pretty good pile of random thoughts, hah.