SpecForce -- Futuristic 3D Shooter

Couple of minutes ago I discovered the game – SpecForce – which has an absolutely spectacular look. At a first glance, there’s nothing really innovative about it and it looks exactly like any other 3D shooter out there, but on the second thought I realized that it had some uniqueness. The seed which has grabbed my attention and forced me to go to the official site and wander around for a while.

My attention has been attracted by the fact that this particular game was written in Java. Yes, it sounds unbelievable and means not only but also. What is really hard to believe is that the Java technology, expected to be extremely slow and suitable for something really unimportant only, allowed this masterpiece to be created. If nothing else, using the Java technology, the authors enabled their application to be runnable on several major platforms which made their potential market almost as wide as it is today. But it’s all the marketing stuff…

Now take your time and watch the movies:

SF_High - 90s, wmv file, 62MB SF_Medium - 90s, wmv file, 20MB SF_Low - 90s, wmv file, 13MB

Or jump to the downloads page directly to dive into demo action.