That Amazing Spotlight Feature of Mac OS X

It’s not a secret to anyone that Mac OS X has a wonderful feature – Spotlight – which greatly helps to simplify your daily life by providing surprisingly fast search facility. It helps to find almost anything in your Mac without diving deeply into the folders hierarchy. Yeah, everyone knows about it, but what was really exciting for me to discover is a way you can tell it what kind of stuff you are looking for.

Here’s the excerpt from the original article on Surf-Bits, ”Teach Spotlight to Search Your Way”.

If you know that you are looking for specific types of information, you can specify that in your search phrase by adding the text “kind:<type of information> after your search. For example, to find all of the PDF documents related to Yosemite, type “Yosemite kind:PDF” in to Spotlight. This example uses the kind type but Apple provides a fairly comprehensive list of kind types for your use. (see below). Trust me, once you’ve started using the kind keywords, Spotlight becomes far more useful than it was out of the box.
Applications kind:application, kind:applications, kind:app
Contacts kind:contact, kind:contacts
Folders kind:folder, kind:folders
Email kind:email, kind:emails, kind:mail message, kind:mail messages
iCal Events kind:event, kind:events
iCal To Dos kind:todo, kind:todos, kind:to do, kind:to dos
Images kind:image, kind:images
Movies kind:movie, kind:movies
Music kind:music
Audio kind:audio
PDF kind:pdf, kind:pdfs
Preferences kind:system preferences, kind:preferences
Bookmarks kind:bookmark, kind:bookmarks
Fonts kind:font, kind:fonts
Presentations kind:presentations, kind:presentation

Thanks Jeff!