Bookmarker: Fixed Problem With Drafts Publishing

Couple of days ago I was reported that Bookmarker posts duplicate links to Simpy. It appeared that is also populated with duplicates. Further digging showed that the problem appears when author publishes drafts or uses advance editing mode. Today’s small update release fixes this problem, which is actually happens because of known WordPress issue registered in the team’s tickets list by number 1257.

Well, in order to upgrade the plug-in you just have to extract the latest package from official plug-in page in your wp-content/plugins folder as usual (yes, overwrite all files). No further steps are necessary – WordPress will switch to new version automatically.

And now couple of words about further plans. I was given the comprehensive list of social bookmarking services for review. I plan to walk through some of them during this weekend and select most interesting for implementation. Also, Otis gave me a wonderful idea for enhancement of Bookmakrer. It can have the check-mark on post authoring page to control whether to send bookmark to the services or no. By default, this check-mark will be ticked.

OK, it was all news for now. Let me know if you have any thoughts for Bookmarker in mind or just tell me if you like it. It always sounds encouraging.

Again, the latest version of plug-in package can be found at official plug-in page.

(This is a single version announcement. All up-to-date information can be found at official plug-in page.)